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We are in the business of helping organizations prosper through the use of excellent signs. Our tagline is “Amplify your message.” We want to help business get their message out to their prospective customers. We hope to educate them on the importance of the right signs as part of their marketing strategy. With our design skills, production quality, and customer service we want or community to be able to send their messages loud and clear.

But enough with the elevator pitch – there is plenty to read on other parts of our website about why you should call us right now. This blog is a chance for me to post interesting musings and information, primarily sign-related, but I do like to go off on tangents. My background is quite varied – I have taught high school Social Studies, and done independent consulting for many years, in New York, North Carolina and San Diego. I have had jobs in large and small companies, doing IT support, developing websites, creating smartphones, launching software products, defining manufacturing processes, negotiating agreements, and managing international teams, always with a keen eye for design and a passion for getting it right.

So I expect the articles on this blog will run the gamut of sign-related topics from how to design and manufacture great signs, to how to make signs an effective marketing vehicle for pretty much any business. We will look at specific sign types and how to use them best, and we will discuss the importance of color management to get the sign right. But I also expect we will spend a considerable amount of time looking at the history of signs, and revel over some exquisite sign designs of past and present.

So thank you for visiting, and please join in the conversation in your comments.

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