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Signs And Marketing – What is the Return On Investment?

Any business or organization considering investing in signage to amplify its message is likely to think of ROI first and foremost. What am I getting for my dollar, and how will that impact my bottom line? Some businesses may chose a targeted approach, using cold calling, pay-per-click and direct mail, spending more to reach only those customers that they are interested in attracting. An investment in signage can be considered the opposite – a good sign lets everyone in view know what you want to tell them and lets them decide for themselves if they are the target.

Signage has the lowest cost per impression of any marketing tool. A vehicle wrap that costs $1500 will, depending upon driving routes, be seen by 30,000 to 80,000 people every day. Spread over its seven year lifespan it will cost 59 cents a day. Signs are always working, regardless of the time or the weather. They can tell the same story for many years or they can be kept up-to-the-second. They are the brand awareness campaign for which we have the greatest control, yet with a wide reach.

Thus, to maximize the investment the sign needs to be as appealing as can be, made of the right materials for the job, and its text and graphics deigned to convey precisely the intended message. What does a poorly made yard sign say about the political candidate that it is advertising? And what good is a sign whose design doesn’t give luster to its brand? The materials and workmanship of the sign on your lobby wall, waiting room reception area or front door become that resilient first impression by which customers measure you.

Signs aren’t magic dust that will automatically turn strangers into customers. But they are the best tool to get those strangers through your front door to give you the chance to impress them further, and will put them in the frame of mind to be receptive.