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Introducing Yourself To The Neighborhood

So, you’ve got your business plan, your financing and your legal details all worked out. You’ve found the perfect location, negotiated your lease, and got your permits. You’ve spent weeks cleaning, painting, wiring, building, installing technology. Your Help Wanted signs are up. Congratulations! You are ready to welcome your first customers.

Or are you? How will they find you? How will they know who you are?

You know that you need killer signs. So call us.

When checking in on some of our Hauppauge restaurant customers at a local strip mall, we heard the hum of table saws emerging from a location we thought vacant. Popping our head into the papered-over glass door, we inquired about what was coming.

Much to our delight, we learned that Hauppauge was getting a new casual restaurant, the NishNosh Mediterranean Grill. After a brief discussion about what the owner was looking for in the way of signage, we returned with a proposal with our recommendations for materials and design, and a schedule. We clarified the local sign ordinances, filed all the permits, agreed upon the schedule, and just four weeks later their new marquee sign was up for all to see.

We took their logo and cast it in their preferred color palette. We color matched the trim cap (the edging that holds the plexi onto the letter face). We fabricated the aluminum letters and large swoosh, painted the aluminum to match the colors, then printed and applied the translucent custom printed and cut vinyl to the plexiglass. For the smaller letters, we went with 1/4″ plexiglass mounted on standoffs.

While the other restaurants in this strip mall use a raceway for their marquee sign (the channel letters are attached to a long aluminum box, which serves to feed electric service to each letter) the owner decided to flush mount the letters directly to the edifice.

We think it turned into one of the nicest signs in the neighborhood – do you agree?

We were also asked to provide menu boards, window signs, and wall graphics, and we devised a unique design for each that fits in beautifully with the existing design elements and furnishings. Welcome to the neighborhood NishNosh!


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