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Signwave | Does Your Signage Have The Uglies?

Is your business the one with the beautiful signs? A good outdoor sign is a form of landscape art. Not only will they attract customers to your door but they will build your standing in the community. Attractive signs that comply with community codes help convey an image of responsible citizenship. Signs transform your place of business into a landmark that everyone knows. We’ve all said things like “let’s meet outside Maria’s Taco Stand” or “it’s right across from Mickey’s Garage” because the signs of that business make it easy to find. They generate the word of mouth that establishes that business as a fixture in the neighborhood.

monument sign

Good signage – even temporary signage – shows the world that you are for real, and that you are here to stay. Beautiful signs add beauty to the community. Ugly signs add clutter.

A sign’s beauty is reflected in its graphical design, in its materials, in its message, and in the quality of its workmanship. All four of these elements work together to make a business, organization or event rise above the clutter and be noticed for all the right reasons.

Signwave will:

  • Assure your signage plan complies with local standards and regulations;
  • Recommend the most appropriate materials for the intended appearance, durability and budget;
  • Design and revise proofs of the sign to assure satisfaction before fabrication begins;
  • Print , build and fabricate the sign according to agreed materials and processes;
  • Install the sign for long-lasting goodness.

We like to say that we make “the most beautiful signs our customers will allow.” Call us for your next sign project (631-761-9292) if you’re looking to add some beauty to your brand.



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