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Street Wise Branding: Six Ways Vehicle Wraps Accelerate Sales.

Advertising your business on your car, truck or van generates an average of 600 impressions per mile driven.

In heavy traffic and on busy roads, that number is easily quadrupled! Not to mention the additional awareness it generates while parked at your facility or customers’ locations. With advancements in materials science, and availability of latex printing technologies, vehicle graphics are quickly becoming among the most popular methods of branding for businesses. Let’s look at six reasons why:

1-Reach – 50,000  to 100,000 of your local prospects will see your brand each day, month after month.

2-Tireless member of your sales force – No need to pay for advertising month after month – with a vehicle wrap pay once and you’re good for up to ten years.

3-Effortless Selling – No more cursing your fate when you are stuck in traffic – you will be delighted at the opportunity for extending your brand message to the captive audience around you!

4-Big Company Image – Two or three vehicles will give the appearance of a fleet of 50 when your customers see them multiple times a month on their regular routes.

5-Mobile Site Signage – A box truck or van is a fantastic billboard when it is parked roadside at your parking lot.

6-The Wow Factor – A great vehicle design will amaze and delight. Check out some examples in our gallery or call us at 631-761-9292 and we’ll show you how.

Ready to get started? You may want to check out 5 Clues You’ve Picked The Right Sign Company For Your Vehicle Graphics Project before you begin.

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  1. Paul
    Paul says:

    Interesting post, made me think about my company’s cars. Are there limitations to what type of cars can be wrapped?


  2. Dan
    Dan says:

    Thanks for the comment Paul. There exists such a wide range of materials and techniques available to sign professionals that any vehicles – or for that matter pretty much anything at all – can be wrapped. We have done vinyl wraps for motorcycles, RVs, vans, box trucks, bicycles, helmets and skateboards. We can wrap office buildings and hotels. And artists (see Christo and Jeanne-Claude, for example) have wrapped bridges, islands and coastlines! (Though these projects were accomplished with fabric, not vinyl.) Give us a call to discuss we can do to get your branding on your vehicles.

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