Event Signage For Camp Kinderland Arts Festival

Event Signage for a Cause

When Camp Kinderland needed help with event signage for a new arts festival, they called Signwave for the whole shebang. The non-profit children’s camp in Tolland, Massachusetts got the complete set: stage banners, directional and parking signs, feather banners, and custom pop-up tents for various vendors and sponsor tables. Some of the signage is in your face, promoting events, showing sponsors’ branding and channeling the festive look. Others are more practical and direct but just as vital, providing directions and details, and being dual-use as tents for vendors. All in all, they add up and help make sponsored events successful.

Mesh banners for outdoor stage

Mesh banners on the top and sides of the stage allow the wind to pass through while proudly displaying the event brand

Sign Visibility Meets Event Functionality

Well thought-out event signage is a critical part of what makes an event successful. Sponsor branding needs to be visible to have an impact, to build association between the sponsor and the cause. But to have an impact, it’s not just about being big and bold or in your face. They have to leave a positive impression. So they have to be designed to have aesthetic functionality, to stand up above the rest, yet mesh well with a business’ brand identity and with its other signs. Signage goes hand in hand with consistent branding, after all. Sponsors need those for events, such as non-profit ones like Camp Kinderland’s Arts Festival.

Corrugated plastic temporary lawn sign

Corrugated plastic signs are perfect for temporary wayfinding at outdoor events.

But event signage must take the attendee’s needs into account as well. Signs that indicate parking areas, entrances, exits, food and restrooms are all important. Traffic control, safety, and aesthetics are all pieces of the puzzle.

Enter Signwave

Branded tent for outdoor event

Branded tent for outdoor event provides both visibility and protection from the sun.

This is where a sign maker’s art and craft blends with the comprehensive set of services provided by a sign company. Need a comprehensive sign package for an event? Contact Signwave so we can discuss your signage needs!

About the Client

Camp Kinderland is a summer camp located in Tolland, MA for children ages 8 to 16. Kinderland’s mission is to cultivate values of social justice among its community, rooted in an awareness of history’s defining periods.

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