Lobby Sign for Straight Line Source in Uniondale, NY

A Lobby Sign That Stands Out

Our lobby sign for Straight Line Source is quite a looker. The Uniondale, N.Y. company’s new dimensional logo is composed of precision-cut acrylic with brushed aluminum veneers. We worked closely with the client to understand their goals for the project, presented a number of design concepts, and showed them various material samples. After all, as the centerpiece, those brushed aluminum letters have to tell the brand story authentically. They assure us that this one does the job, with their logo fabricated of sleek metal bars resembling a graph showing an upward trend. It conveys the overall brand promise of helping customers grow their businesses. It shows a straight line to success, if you will.


Customer Satisfaction

Not only did we succeed in terms of materials and design, but our customer truly appreciated our service, which Aja G, company receptionist, called “truly amazing. They are so prompt, professional and personable, they made it incredibly easy to work with them.” Straight Line Source found us after being disappointed by the service level of other sign companies.  “Our entire office is pleased with the new addition to our reception area. We got exactly what we asked for plus incredible service from start to finish.”


Customized Signage for your Reception Area

We at Signwave understand the importance of projecting brand identity.  Signage cannot be generic. So as Long Island’s sign experts, we will discuss the magnificent variety of options with you, and make sure you end up with precisely the right way to convey your brand.

For this project, we showed our client the many material choices available and brought in samples to help them decide on the brushed aluminum veneer as the right combination of luxury look, pizzazz and, of course, legibility. The client preferred a flush-mounted look to avoid issues with shadows spilling on the wall. Good call on their part! So we showed several options and selected metal veneers on acrylic as the right material for their budget, without sacrificing overall quality. The result is self-evident, signage that conveys the brand and raises visibility, made out of materials that do the logo justice.

Let us help you create custom signage that shows off your logo with the importance it deserves. If you want the sign that’s right for your business, contact us.

About the Client

Straight Line Source is a provider of fast, flexible and reliable business solutions. They help grow businesses, and while banks can take months to decide, Straight Line Source can deliver the funds in days.


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