Corporate Logos For A&E Networks, New York City

The Unseen Value In Signage

A&E Networks is a leading global entertainment brand based in midtown Manhattan. With internationally renowned cable and satellite channels such as History, Lifetime, FYI and Viceland, they needed an exceptional level of quality in their corporate logo signage to extend the imprimatur of their brand to the staff and guests that daily inhabit the 17 floors of their office building. That’s where Signwave’s fabrication team answered the call. With laser cut acrylic logos created to meet their exact material and design specifications, we fabricated and installed complete lettersets,  located in the corridors opposite each floor’s main elevator banks. 

Superior Signage Extends The Value Of The Brand

When we talk about the value of a company, a significant chunk is frequently the intangible value of its brand, or “goodwill.” The value of the most important brand companies is far more than the sum of its equipment, real estate and other tangibles. The brand is what people think of when deciding what to eat, drink, wear, watch, or purchase anything at all.  A brand effort that doesn’t show consistent quality will not perform as well as those that do. A superior sign company works closely with corporate branding and marketing firms to assure that the signage enhances their brand, as we have accomplished with this A&E Networks project.

A sign company’s services include ensuring that the logo specifications are met exactly. There is no tolerance for even a slight color shift or blemish. The materials used, fabrication process and installation must all be flawless.

Materials and design options must naturally be selected with the environment in mind. In this case, the majority of the logo sets were installed on painted walls with a high sheen. The logos were inset into an alcove with LEDs illuminating them from every direction. Thus a specially selected matte white finish acrylic assured that there wouldn’t be unnecessary glare but they really stood out with an edge-lit appearance.

A series of logos on an interior corridor wall

A series of logos carefully mounted on an interior corridor wall.

Small and large companies alike will benefit from enhancing intangible assets like their brand. We’d be happy to discuss how we can help build the value of your company’s brand. Contact us for a free consultation – we can discuss your signage needs and develop recommendations to meet your budget and style.

Corridor wall graphics

A row of logos is revealed on each floor as elevator doors open.

About the Client

A&E Networks is a worldwide media and entertainment brand portfolio that selects, develops and promotes entertainment content to audiences around the globe.


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