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New Branding and Banners for Hauppauge High School

We have created signage for so many of Hauppauge High School’s performing arts programs, events, departments and clubs, that it was with great pleasure we took on the project to decorate their halls with banners. The new principal, Christopher Cook, called us in to create the designs for a series of inspirational quotes hand picked by the staff. And using banners was the right choice for this new branding project.

Boost Branding with Banners

Banners, school signs, branding, sign company, sign maker, event signage, event signs, event banners,

Perhaps you’re looking for a quick way to deliver inspiration to your employees, visitors and customers. Banners can help you deliver the message loud and clear. They’re quick to fabricate and are completely custom designs, from bright and bold colors to more subdued yet thoughtful ones (such as the quotes for Hauppauge). They are also easy to install or position anywhere, indoor or outdoor. If you want to surprise audiences you can have banners appear practically overnight – that will get you a lot of wows.

At the same time, they’ll have less of a footprint than “hard” indoor or outdoor signage. They can also be taken down and stored for future use, if the banners are seasonal-themed or if venues change frequently (think trade shows).

The versatility of banners is why they’re the go-to signage for marketing and ad campaigns. They are ideal whether it’s decorating a high school’s halls with motivational slogans, announcing an event or promotion, or generating the buzz at events like festivals, trade shows and charity meets, and giving sponsors exposure. Such signs are key to making your events memorable.

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About the Client

Hauppauge High School is part of the Hauppauge Union Free School District and maintains a reputation for outstanding academic, athletic and artistic achievements.



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