Welcome our new sign maker!

Lexi DeCamp our newest team memberSignwave is extremely happy to announce that our team has grown by one sign maker!

Alexis DeCamp recently moved to Long Island from Rhode Island where she was born and raised. Lexi is the very definition of a “maker:” she’s a graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art and Design where she studied sculpture. From there she moved through various industries including jewelry-making and baking, all of which fulfilled her lifelong passion for creating. Her attention for detail and ability to quickly learn new skills has carried over into her new career as a sign maker.

Lexi recently told me, “My goal is to have the skills to fabricate anything I need in my life, to my own specifications. I’m passionate about building a personalized experience for myself and the people I create for, and about creating beautiful, practical things for everyday life.” Pretty obvious how we knew she’d be a good fit here!

Lexi was kind enough to share some photos with us of her favorite art projects:

clay sculpture brown coral monster house cardboard fired clay painted dish floral blue clay mug cup tea set





We’re so happy to welcome Lexi to Signwave, and we look forward to giving you the opportunity to witness her enthusiasm, skill, and good humor in person at your next sign install.

lexi lgbt network vinyl install

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