Double paneled suspended Guest Services sign

Information and Accessibility: A Library Case Study

Continuing our series on ADA signage and accessibility, we’d like to showcase a recent project that illustrates how important it is for facilities to be fair, accommodating, and accessible. This case study is for the Hauppauge Public Library, an institution in the Hauppauge community which recently relocated to an entirely new building on Veteran’s Memorial Highway. Since libraries are publicly funded institutions, it’s especially important that the information and services offered should be easy to access for all community members, regardless of ability.  The Hauppauge Library’s Board and staff were committed to making that happen here.

Two flag signs for men's and women's room with vinyl "restroom" lettering on wall

These flag signs visible from multiple angles make bathrooms easy to find.

After working extensively with architects and planners, the library staff was pleased to open a new facility which provided bountiful options for meeting spaces, study alcoves, gaming and socializing areas, a children’s play space, classrooms, and of course the stacks of books, DVDs, and periodicals. What they lacked at this point was a cohesive signage plan that helped patrons determine where to go to find the services they needed on that visit. In addition, many of the signs needed to comply with the Americans with Disabilities act by using very specific color combinations, raised lettering, standard symbology, and Braille.

ADA sign with raised lettering and Braille reading "Storage Closet"

A perfect example of ADA compliant signage, which also meets the aesthetic of the space using brand colors and clean design.

As 14-year patrons of the Hauppauge Public Library ourselves, Signwave was absolutely delighted when the library called on us to help them solve these challenges. We have extensive experience with ADA compliance and were able to create signage that fits the tone of the library’s decor, maintains the library’s branding color scheme, and meets all ADA requirements. You’ll find our signage marking all the Classrooms, the Media Room, Study Rooms, various staff meeting rooms and break room, utility closets, gendered and non-gendered restroom facilities, water stations, and both guest services desks, along with dimensional letters for the Teens and Large Print areas.

Brushed aluminum letters mounted to wall reading "TEENS"

The Teens area of the library is accented with a brushed aluminum dimensional letter set mounted directly to the wall.

A few other important touches we provided for the library that you might not notice on first glance include the required AED signs which alert patrons to the location of the life-saving defibrillator, as well as custom-created window tint for the exterior doors in the classrooms where movies are shown, to eliminate glare. To assist patrons in easily locating the copier and the restrooms (which were somewhat hidden in recessed hallways), we fabricated vinyl lettering cut large and placed high for maximum visibility.

Are you looking for a campus-wide signage solution to challenges with accessibility or wayfinding? Whether your facility is large, small, or in-between, Signwave will develop a plan for you.

Singe panel suspended sign

The Children & Teen areas of the library are serviced by their own staff, which you can find at the desk marked by this suspended sign.

Brushed aluminum letters on PVC mount

The brushed aluminum letters indicating the section of the stacks where Large Print books are kept are exactly what’s needed: large, clear, and placed high for visibility.

Cream and blue ADA sign reading "work room"

Even in the staff-only areas of the facility, the ADA laws are still in effect for everyone’s comfort and accessibility.

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