New Traffic Sign Laws that WILL Affect Your Community Signage

It has always been true that traffic signs on roadways where the public has access, from shopping centers to hospitals to hotels, must conform to the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). This affects color, size, design, reflectivity, and installation. Recent changes to the laws now proscribe that certain materials, often used for private community signage, are no longer acceptable for use on these thoroughfares, even those behind access-only gates. For example, carved wood and HDU signage, while beautiful and easy-care, are now unlawful.

Stop signs come in multiple sizes and reflectivity grades…which one is right for your property?

Why should this draw the attention of property owners and facility managers? Consider this: the largest group of people who purchase the MUTCD is…LAWYERS. Because 21% of all insurance claims are on private property, resulting in an average of 1,200 fatalities per year, law professionals want to be up to date on how to hold property owners and managers responsible for payouts due to negligence. If you aren’t up to code, it could be you who is held financially responsible for injuries due to noncompliant signage. Also, local authorities are being called upon to do more rigorous inspections and issue more and higher fines for noncompliance.

If you own or manage:

  • apartment, office, or condominium complexes
  • universities
  • local school districts
  • shopping centers
  • sport complexes
  • restaurants
  • or any other property with public vehicle access

then the public access roadways on your property are governed by the MUTCD standards.

The good news is that sign shop owners are well aware of these changing standards, and have the knowledge to help you make the correct, compliant choices for your roadway signage. We can conduct a thorough assessment of your existing signage and devices to determine which ones don’t make the cut. We can design, fabricate, and install new signage that is the correct material, reflectivity, and size at the correct height and visibility. We can help alleviate your fears regarding liability and let you focus on the many tasks a property manager needs to perform.

Call Signwave at 631-761-9292 and let us start the process today, and ask us how we can create more beautiful street signs for you as well while we’re there.

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