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The Signwave team

Smithtown High School STEM Trade Show 2022

On October 27, 2022, Signwave was proud to participate in the annual STEM Trade Show hosted by the Smithtown High School Career Center and the Smithtown Industry Advisory Board. The goal of the show was to present students with a broader understanding of how STEM education can lead to an unexpectedly wide variety of fulfilling careers. Represented at the show were over 30 Long Island companies that value science, technology, engineering, and math skills in their employees. Smithtown students were given the chance to try hands-on learning activities, ask questions, and make connections that could lead to higher learning or internship opportunities.

Signage as Art and Science

Students try their hand at applying two-layer vinyl graphics

When thinking about STEM careers, your mind might not immediately jump to sign making as an example. However, creating a good sign involves a combination of materials science, engineering, fabrication skill, and computer-aided design. At the Signwave booth, students were given the tools and materials to apply a two-layer cut vinyl design that represents an iconic image in Smithtown: The Bull. Our design & fabrication team, Brian and Jake, were there to walk the students through the techniques required for a clean vinyl application, and to answer questions about what their jobs entail and what led them to the positions they hold now. Dan was on hand to talk about the business side of the coin, and how digital marketing and finance are important to success.

The applied sample graphic

How You Can Participate

The future of STEM is integral to the future of Long Island business, and the students of today will hold the key. If your company would be interested in participating in next year’s STEM fair, contact Philip Como, Smithtown IAB Executive Director at (631) 382-2977 or (631) 382-5210.

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