Signage For Interior Design – High School Cafeteria

We’re always glad for the chance to collaborate with  talented Interior Design professionals like Mary D’Andrea of MDA Designs, who recently brought us in on a High School Cafeteria renovation project. Mary shared her vision with us of a design based around the school color palette, the school’s mascot, and the school’s values. And the opportunity for customization of a dramatic architectural feature that will last for generations.

Roll-Up Cafeteria Door Logos

Each slat is fully covered by custom printed vinyl graphics, laminated for durability.

First on our list was generating school pride with custom graphics on the rollup cafeteria doors. We designed circular logos and printed them on conformable vinyl that would permit flexibility required by their routine heavy use. We applied a layer of laminate that would help protect the graphics for many years of washing (and the wear and tear that we anticipated they would receive on a daily basis). Installation required precise levelling and  alignment, and careful cutting between each door segment.

Dimensional Letters

In the space above the doors, we collaborated on two sets of dimensional letters spelling out their slogan “Home Of The Friars.” We selected black PVC as the optimal material for these, as it has the tolerance for the thin strokes of the school’s font selection, and to provide a high contrast for maximum legibility. In all it makes for a dramatic approach, doesn’t it?

“Word Cloud” Wall

Beautiful printed vinyl in custom logo colors gives the impression of dimensionality.

The designer collaborated with the school’s decision makers to come up with a series of words and phrases reflecting the school’s mission and values. We created typographical art with a collage of the words they came up with. After several iterations, it was time for color matching. The visible color of printed material can vary significantly under different types of light, so to make certain of our fidelity to the school colors we brought sample prints and held it under the actual cafeteria lighting. After all was approved, and printing and lamination complete, we installed our graphic treatment on the cafeteria’s walls.

Cast Brass Logo Plaque

Finally, we were asked to create a large cast plaque to be mounted on a custom glazed tile wall. The wall was to become the dramatic backdrop for a water feature – a functioning waterfall and catch basin. Because the plaque would be mounted behind the glass of the fountain, we opted for the high visibility of brilliant polished brass with oxidized bronze inset areas. We were able to capture all of the logo details in our design, and engrave and finish in solid brass to assure decades of beauty. A cast plaque is among the most durable of signage materials, and is sure to leave its mark for generations.

Thank you to MDA Designs for sharing this great opportunity with Signwave. We’re proud to make our contribution to your design vision.

A side view of the crowning piece, the custom engraved bronze plaque

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