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New Branding and Banners for Hauppauge High School

Looking for a quick way to deliver inspiration to your employees, visitors and customers? Banners can help you deliver the message loud and clear. They’re quick to fabricate and are completely custom designs, from bright and bold colors to more subdued yet thoughtful ones (such as these quotes for Hauppauge). They are also easy to install or position anywhere, indoor or outdoor.

Signs Are Landmarks, Promoting Brands and Communities

                        Signs give communities their flavor. Whether it be Golden Arches, Wall Drug or The Happiest Place On Earth, a great sign can make your location iconic. When a sign has reached that level, it’s transcended solely promoting a business’ brand. It’s now part […]

Getting the Sign Colors Right

Brand colors need to be consistent to project the full power of your marketing. An error in coloring will be noticed, whether overtly by those with discerning eyes, or subtly and even subconsciously by onlookers. On the other hand, the right colors can be associated with a specific brand even before the audience sees the logo itself.

Legibility and Color Combinations Help Make Your Messages Seen

Signs are how a business or establishment conveys its branding to the world and attracts potential customers. Done right, a good sign will project a brand to new heights of visibility and contribute to a bustling business. Done wrong, a bad sign will undermine a brand, diminish people’s confidence in a business or just do nothing to promote it, resulting in tepid or even lessened sales.

Privacy Window Treatment for The Valon Salon in Hauppauge, N.Y.

Beauty services need beautiful signage, like this privacy window treatment we provided for The Valon Salon. The Hauppauge establishment had their salon windows enhanced with a coating of highly reflective, double gold metallicized vinyl. What results is signage that stands out with its strategic placement – a real plus in the competitive Long Island salon ecosystem. […]

“Custom” Means Exactly The Sign You Need

We need to have a feel for our clients and what their business is all about. What do they do and what are their customers looking for? What makes them different? What “culture” are they trying to convey through their signage? This is one of the subtler parts of the sign making process, where the art and craft connects with customer service. Only then can we focus on the particulars.

Corporate Logos For A&E Networks, New York City

The Unseen Value In Signage A&E Networks is a leading global entertainment brand based in midtown Manhattan. With internationally renowned cable and satellite channels such as History, Lifetime, FYI and Viceland, they needed an exceptional level of quality in their corporate logo signage to extend the imprimatur of their brand to the staff and guests […]