Custom Outdoor Signs that Stand the Test of Time.

Durable. Readable. Compliant. Beautiful.

What guides visitors to the appropriate entrance? Regardless of maps, navigation or directions, the first thing they’ll see at your business property is a sign. On a large campus, that wayfinding continues as your mark the path to the correct building or office at your facility. Your signage system will be subject to all kinds of weather, and all kinds of scrutiny, from your community and the world at large. Here are several things we’ll consider in making a signage system that not only instills pride, but also stands the test of time.

…achieve the look of wood, stone or metal signs…or not! It’s up to you.

Durability depends on two things: choice of materials and paper installation. In addition to the “timeless classics” – Wood, stone, and metal – there are  several weatherproof synthetics available which can achieve the look of wood, stone or metal signs…or not! It’s up to you. We can accent your architecture. Or make a monolith stand out loud and proud.

Medallion sign

Bright colors and smooth edges are easy to acheive with syntehtic substrates.

For a look like wood, signs can be sandblasted or carved out of foam. Unlike wood, foam does not have natural grain. It’s comprised of tiny closed cells that are practically impervious to the elements. So it’s less likely to split or crack after an icy storm, a saltwater spray, or a hot dry day. It’s dimensionally stable and doesn’t warp like wooden signs often do. We can make this material look like beautiful carved or sandblasted wood, but there’s a trick to making the hardware hold on. Mounting holes have to be drilled to the proper size so that epoxy or silicone can form a sturdy casing, which seals firmly around around the threads and bonds permanently to the foam. Metal frames can add strength for hanging or mounting signs, and create stunning accents.

Sandblasted sign with printed vinyl graphic.

Our sign is absolutely… AWESOME! Perfect. We will be back again for future signage.

—Jonathan Cox, MyHeath Onsite

Because it’s smooth and consistent, carved or sandblasted foam cuts clean with well-defined edges. Any kind of paint or lacquer finish will work. Bold colors, metallic or gloss finishes, and beautiful faux stone effects can be applied. So you can have the rich look of a marble or granite monument without worrying about picking just the right cut from the quarry.

Aluminum is another durable, lightweight option. It can be laminated with baked enamel for a smooth white surface. This lightweight, weatherproof metal works wonderfully with acrylic or PVC letterforms and substrates for a cool, modern look.

lighted monument sign

Natural light is taken into consideration when designing illuminated signs.

Polycarbonate faces can be backlit for better visibility. Vinyl laminate on an acrylic or plastic sign creates amazingly clean, sharp, shapes in high gloss, metallic or matte colors to match your corporate logo and follow your brand guidelines.

Visibility is all about placement, size, and contrast. It’s imperative to scout your location in advance of an exterior sign design or cost proposal, because a sign that looks gorgeous on paper must also work well in the real world. We’ll make sure your business or campus signage is easily readable  from across the street, or down the road, as well as on your property.

Aluminum and acrylic business signage

Dan, Cindy, John and Brian handled this Hicksville, LI corporate signage system from permits to polish.

We’ll get the angle right so it gleams, but doesn’t glare, in sunlight. And plan the proper lighting for overcast days and nighttime hours. LED lighting can add highly saturated color as well as illumination. If you’re in the process of planning your landscape—that’s perfect—we’ll work with your landscape designer to make the most of your investment.

A sign that looks gorgeous on paper must also work well in the real world.

Contrast is incredibly important and can be achieved with carefully selected colors as well as dimension and texture. So if the colors you choose for your sign are subtle, contrast can be controlled using dimensional letters and shapes that cast shadows on the substrate.

Channel letters are popular for storefronts and building faces because they provide that kind of clarity. The return, or protruding edge of each letter, contrasts the trim cap, or face of the letter.This not only makes the lettering stand out from the face of the building, but also can be illuminated from within, or backlit from behind.

illuminated channel lettering

As a rule of thumb, each 1” of channel letter height allows for 10’ of visibility.

Compliance is our first concern. All of these decisions are made within the parameters of what’s allowed by local authorities. We’ll see that that all signage is to spec and follow the proper procedure to secure permits. We’ll advise you of ADA requirements and make sure accessibility is adequately addressed. Ecology is also important. There are lots of LEED complaint options and we are always mindful of environmental impact as we design and install your signs. Your project will be handled responsibly on local, Federal and global levels.

We’ll advise you of ADA requirements and make sure accessibility is addressed.

If you’d love a beautiful sign, we have a lot to offer. Our designers have a knack for pulling all these elements together, and while we bring our creativity to the table, we also follow the lead of your brand developers and marketing team. We’ll show you powerful ways to amplify your message. If that sounds good to you, give us a call and we’ll get started.

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