Vehicle Graphic Roundup

Let’s take a closer look at a few of our most recent vehicle graphic projects, from full wraps to simple door vinyl. If you’re ready to take on more business and get more name recognition, Signwave will help you create a mobile marketing “employee” that pays for itself in no time!

High Coverage Spot Vinyl

The following vehicles are not completely wrapped in full coverage vinyl. Each graphic is a separate printed, laminated, and contour cut piece that is precisely applied. But because of the density of the graphics you get the impression of a full wrap.

Box truck printed vinyl wrap

Full Coverage Vehicle Wraps

All these work vans are plain white, but when transformed with a custom-designed commercial wrap they catch the eye and spread your branding message everywhere you go.


Cut Vinyl Door Graphics

The most basic of vehicle graphics, door vinyl is often required and neglecting it (and the regulations regarding it) can lead to costly tickets. We create door graphics that are both compliant and beautiful. Remember: no ugly signs!


Let Signwave Help You Spread the Word

On a job site, parked in your driveway, or heading to a sales call, your vehicle is seen hundreds of times a day. Let Signwave help you turn this blank canvas into a mobile marketing powerhouse. No matter your budget, there’s a solution for you. Check out our gallery to see even more examples.

Vehicle Lettering Regulations

Sometimes figuring out what state and federal regulations mean in real terms for your business can be a struggle. When it comes to required DOT information, marking your commercial fleet correctly is important for both safety and budget because tickets for noncompliance can be steep.

What do federal regulations say?

printed cut vinyl truck doorsThe relevant Code of Federal Regulations 49 CFR 390.21 states that the vehicle must bear the name of the operator, which generally means your company name (many also include the address), along with your DOT number preceded by “USDOT”. The letters must:

  • appear on both sides of the vehicle
  • contrast with the background color, and
  • be visible in daylight from a distance of 50 feet when the vehicle is stationary.

At Signwave we generally use black vinyl on light backgrounds and white vinyl on dark backgrounds, but we can also use custom logo colors if the contrast is appropriate.

What do NY State regulations say?

New York state regulations are basically identical to the federal regulations, with one small addition. The state regulations add that a minimum height of 2″ for individual letters is recommended. At Signwave we want to err on the side of caution, so we always create lettering that is 2″ or higher. If you operate in New York City we may even recommend a letter height of 3″ because enforcement is up to the discretion of the individual officer. Our designers are skilled at choosing fonts and placement to ensure both readability and aesthetic. Letters 3″ high can be overwhelming if not designed properly.

Custom vehicle lettering can be compliant

While compliance with federal and state regulation is always paramount, the open-ended wording of the code still allows for a little creativity. Signwave will design custom DOT lettering as part of your overall commercial fleet graphics program, keeping you on the road doing business across the island and beyond. Send us a message using the Contact Us form, or call us at 631-761-9292 to see how we can help.



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