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Take Pride In Your Brand – Logo Signs For Building and Lobby

Like you, we work hard to elevate our brand to prominence, and we all spend every minute of the day to make sure it stays on top. Your logo is the embodiment of your brand and deserves all the attention that you can bring it with signage outside and throughout your place of business.

Your Logo In Lights – Illuminated Property Signage

Whether your business is retail, manufacturing, or service-oriented you want the world to know who you are and where you are. Your best opportunity to succeed is with highly visible and expertly executed signage. Forgive us our moment of pride while we show off some of the logo work we’ve been doing for our customers recently. These are just a few examples of our creative logo wizardry – give us a call to see what magic we can do for yours.

Fabricated Metal Lettersets – Casting A Glow

A custom finish, rendered with perfection, will display pride in your property to all who enter. For this entrance to a luxury property in Woodbury, NY we created fabricated stainless steel letters with a brushed gold titanium finish. An array of energy efficient LEDs cast a halo effect on the brick wall behind to assure a majestic presence day or night.

closeup view of The Preserve sign day and night version

A closer view of The Preserve lettering, day and night versions

The Art Of Channel Letters Done Right

Even a complex logo can be handsomely rendered with the right channel letter design, manufacturing and installation process. Here’s a 50′ wide announcement to the neighborhood of the new business in town that we created for the new Water Lilies Fine Asian Cuisine kitchens in Bay Shore, NY. The elegant flower logo is composed of 14 segments, each its own channel element, with LEDs, custom color front lit translucent polycarbonate, and clear polycarbonate backs for a stunning halo effect.

illuminated channel letters with halo lighting

Front and halo lighting along with an intricate logo design create a strong brand and presence

Inside The Building – Illuminated Logo Signs For Your Lobby, Conference Room or Showroom

Your Lobby Tells Them Who You Are

No other company is like yours. Thus your lobby sign should be like no other. Here’s a unique logo treatment we created for the customer entrance of a manufacturing and distribution company in Islandia, NY. This design features a dimensional logo with red halo lighting, custom color print faces, and a textured wall behind for an extraordinary overall effect.

PVC sign with red LEDs casts a halo effect on the wall.

PVC sign with embedded red LEDs casts a halo effect on the wall behind.

SEG Lightboxes – Perfect For Showrooms

A common style of showroom signage is a silicon-edge graphic lightbox. But the effect can be anything but common. An array of LEDs in a thin wall-mounted frame permit an easily-changed seasonal display rendered in full color graphics on translucent fabric. A silicon edge bordering each print permits easy changeout to keep your messaging current. Learn more details about SEG graphic frames and lightboxes at this article. Also great for tradeshows!

A photograph of SEG graphic ads in a subway

Illuminated silicone-edge graphics attract attention and are easily changeable.

The process all begins with your brand and vision. Let us show you how our design creativity, materials expertise and skilled craftspeople make your logo something of which to be proud.

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