Installation of custom-branded changeable letter sign

Changeable Letter Sign For Dairy Queen

Franchisees need precision in following specifications to assure that their signage is exactly aligned with brand requirements. In Dairy Queen’s case, it means Lexan sign faces with translucent black vinyl and faithful renders of their their logos and brand. The changeable letter sign has rails so the backlit lettering can be easily swapped out depending on the special of the day.

Customize with a Changeable Letter Sign

Changeable letter sign faces

Signwave created and installed changeable letter sign faces.

Got promos to advertise for your store?

A new movie showing at your cinema?

A special of the day to show to customers of your restaurant?

Or a message like “Have a great day?”

A changeable letter sign lets you show these and more for the whole world to see. You can mix things up to keep your message fresh and varied. At the same time, the branding is still the main feature of the sign – the most visible and memorable part. We also make sure that the letter inserts still conform to the aesthetics of the business’ branding. Otherwise, if the inserts don’t “match” the branding, the styles will clash and the results will look off. We don’t want that.

What we want are unique signs that stand out, custom signs that catch the eye of passersby and clients. The exact opposite of generic signage and garish branding. So we do our best to make sure our products are personalized according to your needs.

And in the case of franchisees, we ensure that the signage meets the exact specifications of the brand.

Want a personalized business sign to boost your brand? Looking for a changeable letter sign that you can customize to match events at your establishment? Then contact us for a consultation so we can make a sign package that suits your requirements!

About the Client

Dairy Queen is a chain of soft serve ice cream and fast-food restaurants.

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